Friday, May 30, 2008

Welcome to the LPP blog

This is a blog for readers of the peer-reviewed electronic journal Library Philosophy and Practice. It will contain news, discussion, photos, and other things of interest to LPP readers, authors, and editors.

Send us a photo of your library, or the view from your office window. We will post them on the LPP homepage and on this blog.

View from 3rd floor, Love Library (South), University of Nebraska--Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska USA. May 30, 2008. Click for a larger view.


egbigere people library said...

You have added another posture to this electronic journal(LPP). Let me say that by blogging more members of the public will get to browse and understood the content of the journal. The journal will enjoyed more credibility.
However, i have a request to make, kindly write out step by step methods of blogging. This will help some people who do not know how to blog.

Mary Bolin said...

Thanks very much for the suggestion. I will do that.

Deborah Fitchett said...

Nice to see the blog - and the RSS feed for the journal is great. Just wondering (now I'm subscribed via RSS) how to cancel my email subscription - do I email you or the listserv address?

Manoj said...

Its very nice.It will help much to the LIS professional.

Need Help
I am in need of articles or material on the topic given below. If you have then pls provide me. The topic is
"Infrastructural problems of IT applications in University Libraries."
Thanking you

Sadanand said...

It is good to see that you have added blog and RSS feed. I would like to suggest only one thing think how much feasible it is. you are bringing annual volume of Library Philosophy & Practice and you are adding nearly four article every month to the volume, instead of that whay don't you bring monthly issue. I think it will be easier for the users to have access to the article.

Akhil said...

Really I am very happy and library professionals should also pleased to know that now LPP organising and summated aticles from all over world. This is new pathway for library professionals to assign there work by LPP.
Because library professionals organise before there lost.